My Live List

Caution: Reading on may inspire you to create your own live list, and therefore spew much creativity which will result in fun of the greatest kind.  You've been warned.

Go on an adventure in the MOA (Museum of Art)
Run through a bunch of trees as fast as I can as if I’m being chased
Do a photo-shoot on Center Street in Provo, UT
Make home-made chicken noodle soup and take it to a sick friend
Run through a corn field
Go to Spoon Me (frozen yogurt place)
Come up with a fancy hair-do
Do a photo-shoot in a bookstore or a library
Fill my 22-spot picture frame
Paint something
Sit in a coffee shop and write (for the sake of clich├ęs)
Take pictures underwater
Come up with a new recipe
Hang upside-down on the monkey bars
Go horseback riding
Find shapes in the clouds
Execute a spectacular prank
Make a scavenger hunt
Try on hats
Watch “The Big Sleep” in forties attire
Make sugar cookies and decorate them
Make snow angels
Hike the Y
Make a piece of jewelry
Buy a tube of ruby-rose-red lipstick
Read “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “Tales from the Secret Annex”
Make snow cones
Make chocolate-covered strawberries
Paint toenails
Swing on a tire swing
Make homemade ice cream
Make a music video
Take pictures on the railway
Go to a cave
Try to make marshmallows
Make puppy chow and eat it while watching a chick flick
Grow a flower
Learn to pick a lock
Go on an adventure acting as if undercover
Spend a day at Temple Square
Learn a new song
Go for a drive and find someplace new
Climb a tree
Buy a strange-looking fruit and figure out how to eat it
Give someone that needs some love a heart attack
Make and decorate some spectacular cupcakes
Have a picnic
Spend a day in Salt Lake City
Try something new
Dress in all one color for the day
Have frito pie on a cold day
Dress up like super heroes
Make bird feeders
Make an omelet
Do some origami
Go hiking in Provo Canyon
Go for a long bike ride
Make cookies for someone and leave them on their doorstep
Go to a retirement home and talk to people/play music
Do a fashion shoot
Make a key chain
Draw with sidewalk chalk
Make somebody’s day happier
Bake an apple

Are you up for a little adventure?