Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Go to the Zoo

A live list item! :)  When I went home for Spring semester, I was chaperon for Allie's grade when they went to the Ft. Worth zoo.  The teachers didn't really care that I was there, but I helped out Kathy and Jesse, and Allie was thrilled that I was there.  At least nobody asked me whose child mine was...  Somebody asked me that when I went with Carly's fifth grade orchestra to Sandy Lake.  I mean, realy?  Eleven-year-olds?

The big cats are my favorites... Always have been!  I remember seeing a black panther for the first time in the Ft. Worth zoo as a three-year-old.  That's when I fell in love!
Aren't tigers just beautiful?  I wonder how Hobbes would feel about these guys?

It never fails that whenever I go to the zoo, all of the tigers are sleeping.  Sometimes the lions are prowling around or playing, or the Cheetah is pacing, but the tigers are always asleep.

This guy is my school's mascot. :)  Not this one in particular, but... Cougars.  Which, in Texas, is called a Puma.
I was disappointed I couldn't get a very good picture of this guy.  He just kept on following the path he'd made.
This sign always makes me smile, but it was especially profound this time around.  Boy do I miss my home state.
I'm rather glad this thing was turned around.
Allie and one of her classmates.  Ever the silly girl. :)
I never really realized how ferocious these guys really are.  I would *not* want to run into that on a mountain.
All the kids got a kick out of this giraffe.  He just stuck his tongue out at everybody!
We all thought Jesse was going to be really excited to see the elephants, because he can make one heck of an elephant sound.  Turns out, he just likes making the sound.  He didn't care about seeing them, haha.
I always feel bad for the apes and monkeys.  They always just look sooooo bored...
After getting home and looking at the pictures, I realized I should have taken more pictures of the kids' reactions.  Those are the pictures that are going to be golden, that are going to be precious in the later years.  Those are the ones that should have mattered more.  But, being just as obsessed with animals as they are, I had to get some pictures of my favorites.  Maybe, since I've officially got my animal pictures, now, next time I'll be able to focus more on them. :)  See, I've never been to the zoo when I could really pay attention to the animals.  I was always with a class that was being pushed along at a rapid pace so we could get somewhere, or see something else.  It was kind of similar this time, but this time I had a fantastic Nikon camera up my sleeve.  Er, around my neck.  Perhaps these pictures will have me satisfied. :)

Over and out,
The Coolest Aunt In The World

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