Monday, August 2, 2010

Provo Sunset

When I first moved to Provo, Utah to go to BYU, I found every reason I could possibly find to hate Utah.

It's a twenty-four hour drive away from home.  My family isn't here.  I can't see the sunset.  It's cold for several hours in the morning before the sun rises above the mountains.

It snows a lot, and then it stays forever and ever.  It gets so cold I feel like the hairs in my nose become icicles.  The mountains everywhere make it clausterphobic, and I can't see the sky like I can at home.

It's dry, and my asthma acts up.  The altitude gets to me every time I walk up stairs and find myself huffing and puffing when I finally get there.  It smells funny when it rains.

I'm so far away from my best friends.  I can't hop in my car and be there in five, seven, or fifteen minutes (depending on the best friend).  I can't hug her when she's depressed, and I can't knock on her door when I need to eat a bag of m&ms and laugh to get my mind off of whatever's bothering me.

I can't drive down the road and park my car next to the swings where we had so many conversations.  I can't just walk out into my driveway where we had our first kiss.

Eventually, I started to get over it.  I still have his jacket, my memories, and a letter that comes once a week, every week.

I have skype, texting, Facebook, phone calls, and every medium in the world to get ahold of my friends.  Maybe it isn't always the longest conversation, but we keep in touch, and I still love them.

The weather's actually pretty nice sometimes.  It cools down a lot when it rains, and the nights are really pleasant.  And, you know, snow's not so bad.  You get used to it, and no matter how long it stays, Spring always comes.  It also gives me an excuse to wear my favorite article of clothing: jackets.

It's way far away from home, but I'm not stuck here.  I get to see my family at least twice a year, if not more.  And I will not live in Provo for the rest of my life.  Also, I do have family here.  It's not my siblings and nephews and nieces and parents, but I do have a wonderful aunt and lots and lots of fantastic cousins.

I just have to learn to appreciate things when I have them.  Not much lasts forever.  So, I'm going to make the most of it.

I love that I can get a lot of photography here that I didn't get at home.  I love the giant campus library, with its nooks and crannies and resourcefulness.  I love the beautiful spots on campus where I can just sit and adore.  I love the coolness of the rain.  I love riding my bike downhill and feeling my hair flit lazily behind me and the cool wind in my face.

Hello, Provo.  I feel like I'm seeing you for the first time.

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