Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caldwell Family Reunion

Last weekend was the Caldwell family reunion!  I'm not a Caldwell, but my aunt is.  It was her family reunion, with her husband, six kids, five kids-in-law, and twenty-three grand-children!  Nita went all-out with the theme.  She worked so hard for it.  We had a super secret spies theme, so everybody had to dress in disguise as they arrived.

My first disguise. ;)

Kenny and Shaeler (I'm not sure if that's how you spell his name or not) were both hitting the same vibe...  It was hilarious!
When Julie (left) brought her adorable Jacob dressed as a little girl, everybody had to do a double take.  He was just so adorable, you'd never expect it!  Then, Julie lent Karen a set of Jacob's clothes for Audrey to wear.
There were a lot of super disguises, but Lori's, Jacob's, and Caleb's were my favorites.  Caleb was very expertly dressed as a gangster.  I took a picture of him with my Minolta, so when I get that film developed, we'll see just how amazing he was!

The next day, we went ice blocking!  I didn't do it because I've done it before, and I just can't stay on that little thing of ice.
Ice blocking!

It was a lot of fun to watch.  We also played limbo, and soccer, made hats, had scavenger hunts, and all sorts of stuff!

The cutest thing to see was definitely Caleb playing with Emily.  He's only 9, but he paid so much attention to that little girl.  He was always playing peek-a-boo with her and chasing her, and making sure she was okay.
There was the piñata, too.  We went through all 23 grandkids, me, and six of the adults before it was destroyed!  Also that night was swimming.  I sure had a blast that night.  I played football with Max, Joseph, and Kenny.  It was so much fun.  After we played that for a long time, Max and I threw the football for about half an hour.  Never have I been so proud of my football-throwing skills.  :)

Sunday, Audrey was blessed, and I took a family photo of the Caldwells.
Karen and Audrey
Aaaand a few more pictures to send you off with...

Lori's costume was definitely my favorite!

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