Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"I Hate Memoirs"

To say "I hate" something automatically makes it a strong statement.  I usually don't like that word, but here I have to explain my disdain for memoirs...

I just don't like writing them.  Either I have to write about something really intense (as my "insignificant" memoirs generally don't turn out how I want them to), and I sit there blubbering for a couple of hours as I write it, or I have to wrack my brain for hours and hours, trying to remember enough details.  I'm not very good with remembering details.  I remember movements, thoughts, and feelings, but I have a hard time remembering sounds, words, and colors.  Why?  I have no idea.

Perhaps it's because they take more effort, but I really don't think that's it.

There's a quote from Bones that goes something like,
"Authors reveal more than they intend on every page."
"You know, I never really believed in all of that English 101 stuff.  Sometimes a river is just a river."

I whole-heartedly agree with the second statement, but when it comes to writing memoirs, I have to really open up, and let people see my insides more than I'd like them to.

And, you know, sometimes it's bad enough to exerience it once, and not have to write about it and then subsequently read over it, edit, explain, and then take criticism on it.

It's easier to make something up.

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  1. But if writing is honest (and great writing IS honest), there's probably going to be some sniffling and blubbering!