Monday, March 7, 2011

The Dark Divine

The Dark Divine is a book about sixteen-year-old Grace Divine, the daughter of a pastor trying to make sense of why her brother is so bothered by the return of their best friend after three years of his absence.  In the mean time, she breaks promises, discovers what true love is really about, and what trust is made of.

Yeah, okay, cliche discription, but I don't want to give too much away!

I really liked this book.  I scoffed in the beginning because I figured out on the seventh page it was about werewolves.  However, as it continued, and especially in the end, I really came to appreciate the different angle Bree Despain took on lycanthropy.  I've never seen an interpretation like this before, and I believe it to be truly unique.  I really love how she brought everything together to make sense, and the twists that made the story so much more profound.

I love the main character.  It absolutely ruins the story when the main characters (especially if they're teenagers) feel fake, but Grace was so real to me.  She really felt like a high schooler just trying to make good grades and get into art school.  She had true emotions, and didn't handle her situations in overly cliched ways.  I'm also appreciative of this girl's morals, and additionally how clean this book was.  That's so nice to have.

As good as it is, though, it has it's weaknesses.  The writing style isn't one I'm particularly pleased with.  It's not very descriptive.  The killer is the headings of "later," "in the kitchen," and "after showering."  I think we could've made most of those connections without the headings.  Those were quite childish.

Overall, an 7/10.

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