Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Days In A Row!

It's just one thing right after another!

Tuesday, I was trying to get into a driveway of a store.  It was quite steep, and it had a dip at the bottom.  It was also iced over.  There were some guys walking on the sidewalk, but they acted like they were going to stop for me.  So I tried to go, but then they darted in front of me, and I had to stop, on the incline.  Then, after they passed, I tried to get up over the hump, but I couldn't.  I couldn't gas it up there, and they turned around and laughed at me.  Only one girl offered to help, bless her heart, but she was five feet tall and didn't make any difference.  I ended up having to wait for there to be no traffic (ON STATE STREET) so I could back out.

Yesterday, I spent forty-five minutes trying to get the people in the BYU Bookstore to accept the returned stuff Melanie asked me to bring.  I had people telling me it wasn't possible, that I had to ship it somewhere, yadda yadda, and somebody even threatened to throw me out for being difficult, to which I said, "I'm just trying to follow up on what someone in YOUR store told my sister on the phone!"  Then they sent me to Customer Service, and they said they could, but they had to have the card number, so I had to go outside and call her, and just... UGH!  It was so difficult and they took up all my free time and I cried because I was so frustrated!  I still haven't gotten them returned.

And today I've LOST MY PHONE. :(  Ugh.  I texted my phone, telling whoever has it that I'm going to be in the library for three hours until my next class, but I'm SO hungry.  And who knows if they'll bring it back?  Who's to say they didn't take it to some office close to where they'd found it instead of the Lost & Found?  It was in the L&F, though admittedly, I only lost it two hours ago.

*sigh* Just one thing right after another...

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