Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Happy List

Even when I think I've had an awful week, when I sit down and think about it, there's an entire list of good things Heavenly Father has blessed me with in a short seven days.
  • I made some new friends
  • I finally got to go to the beach

  • I was able to spend some time with my French roommate, Cassandra, and get to know her a little better
  • I found a 1910 printing of David Copperfield in great condition
  • I got a high-five from Stitch
  • I've been able to talk to Jared A LOT this week
  • Even though I messed up something with my Maingate, I had several friends offering to help me fix my problem
  • Instead of fixing my Canon Powershot A2200, Canon sent me a brand new one
  • I got a necklace I've been dying to have since I was 15
  • My temple prep class rocks
  • I got to have a pizza/movie night with Katey and Amanda
  • I took pictures of Daisy Duck for the first time
  • I met a character attendant who signs
  • I took some really great pictures for myself

  • I was able to make some really magical moments for some guests this week through photopass
  • We got new camera cables at work and now all of our uploading problems are GONE
  • A friend at work gave me the cheshire cat pin I've been trying to get all Summer
  • I get to give a talk in Sacrament tomorrow
This week I realized that when something bad happens, we start to really focus on just that. Or at least, I do. I've got to remember that there are so many other things in my life much more worth dwelling on. There's a lot more sunshine in Florida than there are clouds.

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