Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Engaged!

We met last August sort-of by accident. He showed up at my apartment to pick up one of his sisters (my roommate) and introduced himself to me as I stood in the doorway wearing my Batman pajamas. In fact, every time after that for a couple of months, I was wearing my pjs. I slowly started to grow attached to his dashing good looks, honest conversations, and fabulous wit, and finally decided to do something about in February and asked him out on an unofficial date. Of course, it was a hit, because we got to draw dragons, eat pizza, and we both wore leather jackets. Can you imagine how differently this would have turned out had I worn my long, purple wool coat?

I often blame Supernatural for us becoming friends in the first place, but who's to say when we actually crossed that line? I do remember the exact moment I decided I was half-way in love with him. (Is that enough of an oxymoron for you? Let me explain.) I was having an absolute melt-down, and even though we'd only been "dating" for two weeks (no kiss yet!), and he had a mountain of a list of chores to do, he met me as I walked into my apartment, pulled me into a hug before I could say anything, and said, "Do you want to watch Supernatural, Last Airbender, or Lilo and Stitch?"

We're tying the knot on August 18th in the LDS Temple in Dallas, TX! Our honeymoon will be a roadtrip from Texas to Utah. It's going to be a BLAST. We're best friends, and I'm so excited to spend the rest of forever with him! Yes, it's sappy, but my life just became saturated with "fluffy love stuff."

Blame Jared.

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