Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My mom said something to me today that was just completely and utterly shocking to me.  She said, "It's just so boring here!"  She caught me so completely off guard with that statement that I could barely give her an answer.  Bored?  Bored?!  I'm not raggin' on my momma here, ladies and gents.  It just got me thinking.

Right now, in the artistic state of mind I've been in all day ("OOH! I want to make that! Oh, and that would be really cool... Hey, that's a great idea!"), I'm thinking there are just too many things to do in this world to get bored!  I mean, for one, there's Pinterest!  Pinterest is so full of goodies.  I could never get bored there.  Even better than that, however, is actually doing the things people blog/post/pin about!  Make some heart-shaped cupcakes and use the whipped icing tutorial.  Buy a book from the thrift store and use its pages to make a flipping awesome lantern.  Glue crayons to a canvas and melt them.  Make a scarf out of a t-shirt.  Draw a picture!  Read a book!  Learn a new recipe!  Build a bookshelf!  Design a house (MOM)!

Maybe it comes with being an art major.  Maybe it just comes with just being me.  I just know that, personally, there aren't enough hours in the day to be bored, let alone do everything I want to--or even half the things I want to do.

So, moral of the story...  Get up and DO something!

Oh, and--I love you, Mommy. :)

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