Monday, May 10, 2010

O Mother, Where Art Thou?

or those of you who have seen "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" this is for you!

Yesterday at church, I was a substitute teacher in the children's class, called Primary.  My mom is a secretary in Primary, and she was sitting in the back row.  I was in the very front.  At some point during the lesson, I turned around to look at her and noticed she was nodding off.  I tried to whisper to her, "Go to sleep!"  She looked at me funny, and mouthed, "What?"  With very exaggerated expressions, I mouthed, "GOOO TOOO SLEEEP!"  She still didn't get it, so I turned all the way around in my seat and started mouthing the words with a huge emphasis, but before I could get the second word out, I realized what the situation reminded me of.  My mom got the same thought at the same time apparently, because she started laughing, and I did too.  I had to turn around to keep from causing a complete disturbance.

Of course, we were reminding ourselves of this scene:

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