Monday, May 28, 2012

My Photography 2006-2012

I'm really glad I did this, and it was definitely fun. Part of me looks at the pictures from 2006 and -07 and wish that I could go back to simpler times, when I just took pictures of everything and was endlessly entertained by photography. On the other hand, there is so much more that I can do now. I've discovered that I absolutely love portraiture. I've improved and learned more about my camera also, so now I can take a good raw picture, instead of putting it through photoshop and oversaturating and working on it so much that it loses all its original charm. I'm falling in love with photography all over again. That may be partly because of my new job at DisneyWorld, but it's also because of the encouragement that I get, and the ideas I have, the people I meet. Photography isn't just about me and my own gratification anymore. It's about telling a story and creating memories!

I just hope that I continue to improve. :)


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