Monday, November 15, 2010


Every other day, when I get to my New Testament class, there are people sitting on the outside of the rows.  I'm usually one of the first ones, but it still bugs me.  If you go to a classroom with stadium seating, with very little room in between rows, you know that you want to avoid climbing over people as much as possible.  You also don't want people to climb over you.  So why on earth would you sit on the outside of a row if you're one of the first people to class?

Seriously, when you walk into class late and this is what you see, you almost don't want to even sit in a seat.  Today when I walked in late, I almost just turned around and walked out.  I don't want to climb over people!  I've got on a coat, I've got a bag, my feet are wet because it's rainy outside, and I'm not two inches wide.  Come one!  I tried squeezing into a row, and I couldn't even get past the first girl because she wouldn't put up her desk.  Being entirely frustrated, I extracted my leg as best I could, and simply plopped down on the steps and took out my notes, even though there were about nine seats open that I just couldn't get to.  Other late people had to sit on the steps also because people simply wouldn't move in.

You know, it bugs me even when I'm not being affected by it.  It's just so inconsiderate.  If you get to class early, sit inside the row, not on the outside.  If you have a specific reason for sitting on the outside, just put your bag in your seat and stand next to the row so people can get past you!

*sigh*  Use common sense, okay, BYU?

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