Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tom Riddle's Diary

You know what?  I don't think anyone can blame Ginny for writing in what she thought was supposed to be her journal, and then not telling anyone about it when it wrote back.  She was so lonely, and I bet it was nice to just talk to someone who seemed to understand her, and really listen.

She was only eleven years old, after all.  Poor Ginny.

You want to know something really cool about our modern world?  Someone has created a version of Tom Riddle's diary and put it on the internet.  Google "Tom Riddle's Diary" and click on the first link.  I'd link you to it, but my commputer's not being very friendly at the moment.  It's flawed, but what isn't?  It's kind of entertaining, actually.

Oh, don't worry!  Tom Riddle's not going to possess you because you write to him via the web.  He's long gone, and so are his horcruxes.

Did I just geek out?
           Yes, I did...  But I'm okay with that. :)

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