Sunday, March 28, 2010

"You've had a full day!"

"You've been busy.  Terrorizin' doctors and nurses, beatin' up teenagers, chasin' after lions...  You've had a full day." --Secondhand Lions

And boy have I had a full day!  So it wasn't a Hub McCann kind of day, but it definitely was full of good things. :)

First, I found the most amazing red dress I've ever worn.

Then, I got to see part of the Cedartree Memorial Pow Wow!  I didn't get any pictures of them dancing, unfortunately, but I did get to see them...  What is it, you ask?  Basically, a bunch of Native Americans in very colorful costumes dancing like maniacs to a menagerie of drum beatings. :)  When I was a kid, I loved Indians so much.  I wanted to be one!  I wanted the long, ebony braids fallind down my back.  I wanted the deerskin dresses and moccasins.  I watched "Pocahontas" a thousand times and read everything about the Pueblos, Navajos, Powhatans, and Anasazi I could get my hands on.

Then, Julie and I added to the day by doing laundry together, making puppy chow (chocolately peanut-buttery powdered sugar goodness), and watched an episode of "House!"  We were halving the recipe for puppy chow, so I kept saying things like, "Okay, so this is a half of the half, so I'll cut this half of the half of the half to make a fourth of the half, which is an eighth."  :D  Did you keep up?

And, of course, to top it all off, Julie, Greta, and I hung out in their room, watching youtube videos and chatting.

What a day! :)

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